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Professional Development Opportunities

Browse through the kinds of professional development opportunities your colleagues attended in past couple of years, organized by Job Grouping. This list was initially suggested and generated by Heather Hines, Director, Undergraduate programs and Student Services, UTM Department of Management and it was supplemented by ODLC records. The list includes courses, conferences, seminars and professional associations. If you would like to add to the list, please send your suggestions to odlc@utoronto.ca

PD List

Advancement and Alumni
Business Administration
Communications/Media/Public Relations
Early Learning
Health and Well Being
HR and Equity
Information Technology
Research Administration
Research and Teaching
Student Academic Experience
Student Life Experience

PD Opportunities for All Staff

Staff and faculty are invited to participate in a unique mentoring experience – the Student Experience Mentorship Program.  In this program the staff or faculty members are the mentee and matched with a student mentor.  The student mentors the mentee through experiential activities concerning what it is like to be a student at U of T.  Through this program participants participate in two group meetings and three individual meetings (7 – 10 hrs commitment) between January and March.    Applications are due January 9, 2018.  Any questions please contact erin.clifford@utoronto.ca

“Even though many of us are working with students all the time, it’s more often task-based. This program flips that and encourages us to ask, be curious and listen. That is invaluable and something we should all make time to do more of.”

Student Experience Staff Mentee 2017