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Teresa Scannell, Career and Work-Life Consultant

This video highlights 3 key strategies to make your cover letter more powerful for job applications at U of T. It shows how to highlight your unique skills and convey enthusiasm to captivate the reader.

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We’ve created these cover letter samples to provide you some ideas on how to improve your own cover letter. Since each individual and situation is unique, it is best to use these samples for inspiration, rather than to copy them.


• Cover Letter Guidelines



IT Cover Letter

Student Life Cover Letter

Admin Cover Letter

General Cover Letter



Cover Letter Format Video

Learn the building blocks of writing any cover letter in this short 3-minute video. (link)



Cover Letter Effectiveness Test
This 2-minute clip will tell you how to write an attention-grabbing letter by asking some critical questions. (link)


Cover Letter: Powerful Language

Using powerful language in your cover letter creates energy and power. This article provides some ideas for words you could use. Read Article

Cover Letter Guide

Don’t spend all your time on your resume, a cover letter is important too! Read Article