Job Application Process

Job Application Process

This series of 5 short podcasts features our HR staff presenting helpful suggestions, advice and tips to improve your job applications.



Secondments  & Temporary Transfers
Kecha Holland, Senior Human Resources Generalist, Faculty of Arts and Science
This podcast explains all the important information you need to consider when applying for a  secondment or temporary transfer. It provides answers to commonly asked questions.


How to Read a Job Posting
Madelaine Panoulias, Manager, Human Resources, OISE
Learn how to navigate U of T job postings to see if the job you’re interested in is a good fit, and hear answers to commonly asked job posting questions.



Taleo, Resumes, and Cover Letters
Jennifer Nadeau, Recruitment Specialist Faculty of Medicine
Make Taleo work for you by learning how to make a good first impression with a well written resume and cover letter.




Successful Interviews
Sharon Grandison, Director, Human Resources and Strategic Recruitment
This video teaches you how to make a great first impression by responding well to commonly asked  interview questions.



After the Interview: Feedback and Negotiation
Rebecca Ko, HR Generalist
This video covers how to get feedback, negotiate job offers, and what to do when you receive more than one job offer.

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