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Beverly Kahn, Coordinator of Career Services at ODLC

This video shows you how to reformat your resume for job applications at U of T. Topics include: choosing the resume format that is best for you, a concise resume do-and-don’t list, and some insights into what Human Resources likes to see.

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We’ve created these resume samples to give you some ideas on how to improve your own resume. Since each individual and situation is unique, it is best to use these samples for inspiration, rather than to copy them.



• Student Academic Resume
• IT Resume
• Administrative Management
• Lab Resume
• General Resume
• Admin Resume


• General Resume
• Admin Resume

Many people consider their LinkedIn profile to be a digital form of their resume. Here are 2 videos to get you started on building a LinkedIn profile.



Linkedin Keyword Optimization
This video explains how you can be ranked above millions of other users by using keyword searches to your advantage on LinkedIn. (link)


Gaps on your Resume

Don’t hide from the gaps on your resume. If you’ve been out of work for an extended period of time, tell employers what you’ve done to keep learning and contributing. (link)



5 Simple Tips to Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile
Ever been lost while looking at all the features on a LinkedIn profile? World-renowned LinkedIn specialist Nathan Kievman shows you how to use every aspect of your profile to its full potential. (link)



Resume: Powerful Language
Here are some examples of key words you can use to enhance the power and impact of your resume. See Link

Functional Resume Format Sample

Sometimes your career path calls for a different resume format. A “functional” resume shifts the emphasis from where you’ve worked and when, to your specific skill sets and accomplishments.

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