Networking Articles

Networking Articles

These articles have been carefully chosen to give you more information on networking, bearing in mind the culture of U of T and the diversity of work and people here.

small-talkNetworking Tips

Here are 17 helpful tips for navigating a networking event and making the most of your time there:
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small-talkHow To Make Small Talk Less Painful

All relationships start with small talk. But for many of us, the prospect of having to engage in chit-chat can be nerve wracking. Read how to get the small talk flowing.

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What To Say At Networking Events To Eliminate Awkward Moments

These tips can help make you a better conversation partner and take the anxiety out of networking.

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Benefits of Networking

“What’s your secret weapon when it comes to your career? If you’re feeling unsure, there’s certainly one fail-proof way to impact your career for the long-term — develop and maintain a vast network of contacts.”

From guidance to support and discovery, there are multiple benefits to cultivating a strong network. It’s not just for job searchers!  Read Article

ca-networking12rb2How to Network the Right Way

A Globe and Mail article on the importance of knowing your purpose in a networking situation. This article was suggested to us by Paul Fraumeni, Executive Director, Digital Creative Services, Division of Communications

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24tips10 Tips for People Who Hate Networking

“Networking has a bad reputation as a forum for superficial small talk. Yet real networking is about establishing mutually beneficial, lasting connections, one person at a time.” This article outlines easy, introvert-friendly tips to encourage even the most reluctant networker! Here are some practical ideas to use at events, meetings or in personal conversations. Read Article


Ten Thousand Coffees

Ten Thousand Coffees is a website for those who are in the early stages of their career and wish to broaden their network beyond U of T. Ten Thousand Coffees is “Democratizing the coffee experience by opening it up to youth everywhere, giving them the opportunity to connect with an expert in their field of interest.”

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Tip Sheet For Conducting An Information Interview

Information interviewing is a highly effective way to network. This tip sheet prepares you for information interviews and gives sample questions to ask.

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Can Personal Branding Help Your Networking?

It is becoming increasingly important to shift your focus from WHO you know to HOW you present yourself. That’s where personal branding can make a huge difference.

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5 Tips for the Networking-Averse

Bust out of your comfort zone and take your next event by storm.

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