Networking Videos

Networking Videos

These videos have been carefully chosen to give you more information on networking, bearing in mind the culture of this organization and the diversity of work and people here.

5 Tips for Networking Success

How do you start a conversation? Where do you go in the first place, to network? It’s good to just figure out the basics of expanding your network, and Kathryn Minshew, CEO of a career website, gives some of her best tips for getting started.

Networking for People Who Hate Networking

If you ever wondered, “Why should I bother with networking?” or had a sense of dread about impending small talk, here’s the video for you. Author Devora Zack shows you how networking can be even more effective and interesting when it’s genuine.


The Top 10 Traits of a Master Networker

“Enjoying helping others” is a great trait, but how do you use it to maintain business connections? This video teaches that one way is to simply share an interesting and helpful article with an associate or client. Learn about similar practical tips and the traits of a master networker from expert Ivan Misner.


Keep Your Network Alive

Networking is a fundamental tool in job searching. Keep your network alive


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