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What is the Career Community?

Career Community is a key source of job application, career and networking resources. It is an innovative, interactive and dynamic online community that offers customized career support and information to appointed staff at all levels and stages of career at U of T.

Career Community is coordinated and moderated by the team at the Organizational Development and Learning Centre (ODLC).


Nadia Taylor


Business and Operations Manager

Nadia reveals her thoughts and experiences on using the Career Community website.



  • Connect with over 120+ Colleagues

  • Explore U of T's 20 Job Families

  • Discover 20+ U of T specific resume & interview tools

  • Watch 200+ minutes of short career clips

  • Get advice from our HR team

  • Join the Community to stay informed

Website tour with Beverly Kahn


Career Coordinator at U of T

Beverly Kahn explains how to maximize your career using the Career Community website.


• Information available on the Career Community website is classified as internal information for the
exclusive use of fully appointed staff at the University of Toronto. No information may be shared outside this group.

• Please respect the time and privacy of individuals who have contributed to the site by sharing their career information. While an individual may have been generous enough to spend time contributing to a resource, they may not be able to provide further information or assistance.

• The opinions and experiences of individuals are personal and may not represent the views of staff more generally.

• It is recommended that information gained on the Career Community site be checked with your HR
divisional office before making career decisions.